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Medevial Party ~ My Predictions

I haven't done a My Predictions post in a while, so I thought about gathering information about the Medieval Party to help me find out more. What I do know is that there will be a new dragon, Scorn King! Let's look at the mysterious clues we've been given. This is one of the last clues, which introduces the Sky Kingdom...

...This is where penguins climb the mountain to get to the sky kingdom.
 The Mushroom Kingdom sounds very interesting. I wonder where it is!
 The Fairy Forests sounds lovely, I can imagine hiding there away from this dragon. This will be where the princesses could stay, unless they are brave enough to fight the dragon...
 The Royal Kingdom sounds spooky. What if you get crushed?
 ...And here is the start of the journey, at the Town.
 ...There seem to be a lot of kingdoms. Mushroom, Sky and Royal! Anyway, let's see how we will get to defeat this dragon...
 Firstly, you need to start at the Town and follow the paths.
 Then up stones to the Mushroom Kingdom...
 ...From here you will need to head right to find a mysterious fright!
 The Ski Village is a place of wonder, you aren't far off, just don't turn back.
 You're almost there, now up the bridge. Then you can defeat the might Scorn King.
 Are you ready? The Medieval Party starts on May 17th and ends on the 29th. Be there, or be square.

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