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Defeat Scorn The Dragon King Guide

Finally, after hours of waiting, Club Penguin have managed to fix the bugs and now I can complete the quest! The quest to recieve peace on this small island. Here is a guide on how to complete this epic quest...
...First you will need to head over to the Friendly Forest (Dock) and collect the Fairy Branch.
 Here it is! Can you see that big spotlight ponting to the branch? Click there and then waddle to the Beach where you will find...
 ...some sphreres of stralight! These will help you to defeat the dragon king.
 There it is by the evil Scorn Statue. Make sure to look around and admire the beautiful decorations.
 ...Now your one step closer to defeating the dragon. Here you will need to pick up some stones and that is the three items collected! Move over to the Mountain...
 Play a game of Sled Racing or volleyball with a ball with spikes in it! Yikes, I wouldn't want to do that :) Waddle into the door to find a hidden secret. But before that, make sure to pick up your free item! I wouldn't want to miss that...
 ...A long long bridge which is almost falling apart is here! There's another free item so pick it up and carry on waddling.
 Finally, you are here atlast! The moment of truth has come. You will need to defeat the Dragon King. Use your mouse to aim your slingshot.  Hit many spheres at once for more powerful attacks. Click on the spheres to hit them!
 :) This is a very scary moment, just you and a dragon battling to survive! Who will win?
 If you get a good shot, it will tell you at the bottom of the screen! Look, he is almost defeated :)
 Powerful Hits! One, two, wait three at a time! Come on, you've still got far too go.
 Oh no! The platform is crumbling! This is your last chance to survive!
 YOU DID IT! Congratulations, you have completed the quest and defeated the dragon king.
 Now you can regain peace on the island once again. VICTORY!
 Look at all these ruins. I'm sure Gary will help clean up all the mess...
 ...Here's a room I haven't seen yet, try looking around and see if you can find this picnic room.
 The Sky Kingdom! Atlast, I will rule Club Penguin :) I have defeated the king and have won!
 Collect your free item and head over to the Sky Tower...
...And that was the end of the story. The penguins won, the dragon died and everybody lived happily ever after, or did they? For at the stroke of midnight one year later, something terrible happened. But that isn't yet, so I won't reveal too much, there's a whole year to go yet!

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