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Holiday Party 2011 Tour Guide

Today I decided to do yet again a Tour Guide of the party. Remember, I have not watermarked these images but that does not mean you can steal them. I will be checking all blogs.
Here's the Town! Warm up with some cocoa from the Coffee Shop help at Santa's workshop in the Night Club or find holiday fashions in the Gift Shop!

Welcome to the Beach! Let's raise donations for Coins For Change Spread the word!

This is the Beacon We're filling it for Coins For Change! Watch for flying sleds if you go Jet Packing!

This is Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator  Arrrr! Rockhopper is challenging everyone to fill the Lighthouse with coins! Let's rally together!

This is the Coffee Shop where elves come to relax and sip hot cocoa If you click on the bag of coffee you can play Bean Counters

Here we are in the Book Room Let's line up to get our photo taken with Santa Smile for the camera! Don't forget to collect your Background

This is the Night Club. Upstairs are Santa's workshop and the Bakery We can take a sleigh ride from the roof.

We need elves in the Lounge to help pack and wrap presents!  Then Let's bake some cookies in the Bakery and head to the roof for a sleigh ride

Welcome to the Bakery! We can pick up our aprons by the door wear the apron and dance to serve cookies Don't forget to check the oven!

Ho ho ho! Here we are on Santa's Sled. Let's use these controls to help fly the sleigh We can deliver presents by pressing the button Once we finish delivering we can pick up a special gift

This is the Ice Rink Let's grab some skates from the Snow and Sports Catalog and join the fun!

Here we are at the Snow Forts Let's start a snowball fight! Later we can head to the Rink and go skating

Happy Holidays! Welcome to the Plaza Here you'll find the Pet Shop A Humbug Holiday at the Stage and a feast in the Pizza Parlor!
Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing A Humbug Holiday! Will Humbug ever learn his lesson? Pick a costume from the trunk and find out!

Welcome to the Pizza Parlor! Join in the feast There's plenty to go around! Head to the kitchen to help with the cooking!

Welcome to the Iceberg! The more penguins there are the bigger and brighter the tree!

Welcome to the Ski Village It's a perfect place to go caroling Grab some friends and spread festive cheer!

 Welcome to the Ski Lodge We can play Find Four go Ice Fishing or tell stories by the fire!

This is the Ski Mountain You can really see the Northern Lights from here! Let's enjoy the lights then head down the hill for a game of Sled Racing

Welcome to the Courtyard As you can see ninjas REALLY like decorating Come inside for ninja training!

I hoped you enjoy the Holiday Party 2011 Tour Guide. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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