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The Bakery PANIC - My Stories and Adventures

I was just getting changed into my apron, ready to go to my new job at the Bakery. I love to make penguins smile with cookies. I wrapped up in a warm coat, scarf and socks too!
I fed all my puffles and waddled out of my Cosy Log Cabin igloo. I decided to pop in the the Pizza Parlor for some breakfast. That pizza tastes yummy!
Then I waddled up to the toy shop and entered the Bakery Staff Room. There was nobody there so I started to throw snowballs at the targets, when something went terribly wrong. The machine started pouring out HOT SAUCE!
Then penguins started to waddle into the Bakery and wait to be served. I started to panic, the other staff were not here. I rushed over to the Cookie Count. I had made no cookies!
I would have to restart the machine and add new flavours to the cookies. That would take too long, so I decided to get some fresh cookies from the cupboard. I climbed up the ladder...
...I carefully climbed step by step. I could feel the ladder creaking. CRASH! A customer had accidentally knocked the ladder and I had toppled over with all of the cookies.
When I finally recovered, I could hear a faint beeping noise. The alarm had gone off! The Bakery was burning down! I climbed up the emergency steps and shouted loudly for all the customers to get out of the building, yet nobody could hear because of the dreadful beeping noise.
I rushed to the exit and opened the door, everybody left and The Bakery was left to burn. After a few minutes, the Club Penguin Times arrived to report on the scene. Aunt Arctic was there too! I sat down on a bench and started to cry.
I knew I would of lost my job but I couldn't believe that the bakery had burnt down. Aunt Arctic came over to interview me, I said it was the machines fault. I started to cheer up a little bit, after all it was only a Party Room. Then a penguin came over to me and asked if I would like a job at the Pizza Parlor.
He said that I was going to be the one who put the Hot Sauce on the pizza! I was so happy I had a knew job, especially at my favourite place. All my coins that I earnt went to Coins For Change. I was glad to see I was helping other penguins.
I will keep donating and donating everyday. Even though the bakery may of burnt down, penguins still enjoyed pizzas.

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