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Club Penguin Before Card Jitsu: The Ninja Quest EXCLUSIVE

Club Penguin have created a new Pick Your Path book! Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest
Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest (Disney Club Penguin)
If you buy this book you can unlock FREE Coins and a blue book on Club Penguin. Here is an EXCLUSIVE preview of the story:

Some time ago, before the Dojo was built... The snow crunches underneath your flippers as you wander through the wilds of Club Penguin. You're on an adventure, and you're prepared for anything: Your warm coat and boots will protect you from the elements; your helmet will keep you from harm; and you've got a rope, food and water in your backpack. The only thing you're missing is a map showing exactly where you need to go. That's because you don't really know where you're going. The reason you've embarked on this quest is because of a mysterious rumour you've heard. It started with whispers about ninjas, black-clad penguins expert in the art of mastering the elements. You've never seen one, but other penguins swear they've seen signs that the Ninjas exist. The latest rumour is that a mysterious gray penguin with a white beard and a straw hat has been spotted in the Wilderness. They say he looks like a wise Ninja master. Most penguins, are content to just talk about the Ninjas, but you have heard of an adventurer. That's why, days ago, you set out to find this Ninja Master. But all you've found so far is snow, snow and more snow. The only thing that you've noticed that is unusual is the sky over Club Penguin, which is streaked with orange. But that has nothing to do with Ninjas-or does it? "I wonder if I should turn back," you say out loud. The thought makes you sad. You don't want your adventure to be over so soon. You sit down on a rock, trying to decide what to do. That's when you notice a plume of smoke rising from a circle of Pine Trees in the distance. "That's curious," you remark."
"Maybe my adventure isn't over yet." You hoist your backpack on your shoulders and trek towards the smoke. As you quietly step into the circle of trees, you are amazed to see a gray penguin sitting at the edge of a small reflective pond. A small fire burns next to him, and a teapot is hanging over the fire, supported by a stand made from tree branches. Your heart starts to beat faster. The penguin has a long white beard, bushy, white eyebrows and wears a straw hat on his head. Is this the mysterious ninja master you have been searching for? "Come closer, my friend." The penguin's voice startles you. His back is turned to you, and you wonder how he knows you are there. "Hello," you say, waddling up the pond. You tell the penguin your name. "It is a pleasure to meet you," he replies, turning to you. "You may call me Sensei."
"That means teacher, doesn't it?" you ask. You did some reading up on Ninjas before your journey. Sensei nods, "It does indeed", he replies. "You appear to be a clever young penguin. And bold. No other penguin has ever ventured so far into the Wilderness."
"I heard a rumour that there was a Ninja Master on the island," you tell him. "I would love to train to become a Ninja. So I set out on a quest...and I found you." Sensei is silent for a moment. Finally, he speaks:
"I have been searching for penguins to help me with a very important task, he says. Will you assist me?" Your heart starts to beat quickly. This is exactly the adventure you were hoping for!
"Of course, I'll help you!" you reply. "What do you need me to do?" Sensei takes the teapot off the fire and pours two cups of tea. Then he pats the ground next to him, motioning for you to sit. When you do, he hands you a cup of tea. It's warm and smells delicious. "I know there are many penguins on the island who want to become Ninjas," Sensei begins. "To train so many ninjas will be a difficult task-but not impossible. To do that, I must build a Dojo so penguins can learn the ways of Ninja."
"That's like a training gym, right?" you ask. Sensei nods.
"In the Dojo, I can instruct penguins in the art of mastering the elements." You're puzzled.
"Mastering the elements?"
"Fire, Snow and Water," Sensei explains. "Each has a diffrent power. Each can be dangerous if not controlled. But when they are mastered, great things can happen.
"So, you need me to help build the Dojo?" you ask.
"Before the Dojo can be built, the perfect location must be found," Sensei responds. "It must be a place where fire, snow and water come together in harmony." Sensei unrolls a paper scroll. You see a map of Club Penguin on it. It's not like the map you normally use-it shows all the island's natrual features, including mountains, rivers and caves. "I created this map during my travels," he says. "You can use it as you search for the best place for the Dojo. "Then he hands you something else-a small book with a black cover. The title simply reads Haiku. "A Haiku is a special type of poem," he says. "The verses in this book may help you when you are in trouble or unsure of your path." You open the book to a random page. This is the verse you see: "Alone you travel. But when a friend offers help, Do not refuse her."
"Thank you Sensei," you say. "I won't let you down." Sensei stands up.
"Study the map," he tells you. "You must decide where you will go." Sensei walks off into the trees. You look at the map, trying to find a place where fire, snow and water all meet. There is snow everywhere, of course, so you decide to narrow your search. There are two things that stand out. One is the river that snakes across Club Penguin. You didn't even know it existed. That makes water and snow-but no fire. The other is a hot spring-that's fire and water together, but it's underground, so there's no snow. You'll have to explore to be sure, but which place will you explore first?

If you want to read more, buy the book itself! Will you become a Ninja? There are lots of secrets revealed...

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