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Cozy Log Cabin Igloo

The Holiday Party is here and it is time to put up my Christmas Tree! I have decided to move into a Cozy Log Cabin Igloo! It is decorated with a Fireplace, Trees, Presents, Cookies and much more...
In the corner, I have my Christmas Tree with lots of presents for my puffles. In the other corner, I have a laptop where I blog about Club Penguin. I also have a table with Milk N' Cookies! That will be my favourite pin when it comes out.


  1. Nice igloo!! Could you put a link fro, your blog to mine, because I have done one to yours

    Your pal,

    P.S your picture is the FIRST one on google images :)

  2. Sorry Ellen, but currently I'm not advertising any other blogs as we're having a bit of an update on my blog but maybe if I get a blogroll soon :) Thanks!


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