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The Story of a Polar Bear's Life - Chapter Three

Underground. The perfect hiding place. Nobody would ever find us here. In the secret lair that Daniel P. Bear had created, there were gadgets, fish, computers, targets, training rooms, and much much more. Daniel wanted to send me to Bear University, but I disagreed. I wanted him to teach me, but he said that he didn't have the time. I wondered what my master was working on. Days passed and I began to wonder how my family were getting on. Were they searching for me? Did they even care about me? I had no clue. Suddenly, Daniel entered with lots and lots of blueprints.
"Perfect! Yes, let's do this one! No, how about this one?" He shoved the blueprints onto my lap and I stared at them in dismay.
"What does this machine do?" I asked.
"The first one freezes penguins. The second captures puffles and the third converts snow into sunshine! Clever, huh? Now which one should we do first?"
"It'd be sensible to start by capturing those pesky puffles, then freezing the penguins so they're out of the way, and then turn all of the snow on this island into sunshine creating a tropical island without penguins or puffles!"
"Great. I'll get back to work. You continue to study about how to be a polar bear!"
"But I know how to be a polar bear, Daniel!"
 "I know you do...but you need to learn how to face the penguins and puffles. You need to learn how to avoid them, how to make incredible machines like these. If you study hard, I'll bring you on a little field trip around this snowy island!"
Immediately, I started studying hard. I had never been able to go to the island itself apart from the areas around our secret lair. I was excited!

Later, I went online to check out the island. We had CCTV all over and we knew details about every penguin and every individual puffle. I looked around when I saw something strange. A group of huddled up penguins were making their way to the Sports Shop. I knew every building back to front on this island, but these penguins did not look like the sporty type. Quickly, I looked on the cameras at the Sport Shop. The penguins entered. Without even picking anything up, they waddled over to the changing rooms. Suddenly the curtains opened and about 5 doors were unlocked behind it. For a glimpse of a second, I saw inside a huge HQ. The curtains closed. I rewinded the video footage and paused once the curtain had opened.
"DANIEL! I'VE DISCOVERED SOMETHING AMAZING!" I shouted. Suddenly, Daniel appeared and started at the computer screen.
"What is it?" He asked, confused.
"These penguins. They have a secret agency. Penguins who protect their island from the threat of danger."
"BRILLIANT!" He jumped up and down. "Now all we need to do is make sure that they don't get in our way. I've got the perfect gadget for that..."

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  1. Next you should have Popcorn blow up the Sports Shop, then the Two screams of Zowey's parents!


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