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A Polar Bear's Life: Chapter 2 - A new beginning

A few months passed and I had become to learn that I disliked being evil. I wanted to have fun like the penguins. But they also irritated to me. I had to hide every time they got close, or they would definitely be after me. Daniel P. Bear taught me lots about being a polar bear. I was only young, and I had alot to learn if we were to takeover this island. First, he taught me how to look scary. If I was going to takeover an island, I'd have to be feirce. Gradually, I became stronger and stronger and had learnt the ways of being a polar bear. We were ready. However, we were soon disturbed by Daniel's uncle. He too hated the cold, and travelled here in hope of a warmer island, yet he did not get what he wanted like us. He had met a crab called Kluzty. We met briefly, and he told us to stay away from him. He wouldn't mention us and we wouldn't mention him. We weren't to speak to each other. It was obvious that Herbert had something planned that he didn't want anybody to know about, not even his own species. Together, me and Daniel walked away to a quieter place - our secret lair...


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