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The Blue Lantern Pin

Pizzapuffy and I searched for the pin a few days ago, and after searching through the forest and many other rooms, we found it at the Recycling Plant! The only problem was, I couldn't reach it. But, the next day, I built a HUGE robot so he could reach it for me :D
...And that's when I remembered. No longer do you have to waddle up to the pin, you have to click it! So I clicked it, but it was recycled before I had a chance to grab it! The recycling machine had nothing left to recycle, so I dumped the robot in it and it recycled into a lovely peice of furniture :)

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  1. Hey Echo! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm making a comeback! I'm beaky2300! Use to be a great friend of yours. Than my site got hacked and I just left!



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