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The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Teleporting Back

After discussing many options, we finally came to the conclusion that we should wait in Polo Field's igloo. There was nothing much else we could do in the snowstorm. Atleast it was warm inside. Finally, after trying hard, we all got some sleep. I was woken up at 3:00 AM when I received a message on my Spy Phone.
"Who is it?" Bubsey Good exclaimed.
"It's Aunt Arctic! She says she wants to meet us at the Everyday Phoning Facility!" I replied.
"Wait, that's not possible!" Cliky Minty said. "EPF tech is still offline, right?"
"Um, no! It's working - we can all teleport there now!" I said. And that's what we did. One of the silliest mistakes we could of done. If we had of thought things through, we would've known that Aunt Arctic wouldn't be awake at this time. We would've known that Eric still had all the EPF technology in his flippers. We arrived in the Everyday Phoning Facility which was under construction. Nobody was there.
"Eh, atleast Aunt Arctic finally decided to fix the EPF! She said she'd do that last month!" Polo Field said.

We should've realised then, that we had to get out of there. If Aunt Arctic wasn't there, where was she? But we didn't even think once about that. Suddenly, lasers sparked all around us - we were trapped!
"So you fell for my little trick, did you?" Eric asked, magically teleporting into the room.
"What? Hey, why are you here?" Perapin said.
"Because I own the EPF now! Ever since you gave me all your technology." Eric replied.
"We didn't give you it, YOU STOLE IT!" shouted Bubsey Good.
"Well, I'll let you into a little secret." divulged the big penguin.
"And what would that be?" I said, remembering our teleporters were still online.
"I first started with a plan. A wonderful plan. I told Aunt Arctic to send her agents out into the wilderness as a test, to see your EPF skills. I said to her that everything would be under control, as long as she didn't tell you about me. I guess she didn't. Anyway, as that happened - I painted some yellow puffles in different rainbow stripes, to distract you. Then, I began to hack into the EPF's systems. Nobody noticed, except for Aunt Arctic, who couldn't call you as you were up in the clouds!"
"That's very clever." Perapin said, nudging me.
"Thank you, my dear little penguins. I shall continue now. Anyway, you all reported back to Aunt Arctic, who sent you on a real mission - not a test mission. She told you to go into the wilderness and find me, of course. But she made a mistake - EPF technology was down! And so I captured you, and then you escaped. Which was all part of the plan, by the way."
"You tricked us!" Cliky Minty added.
"Of course, young girl. The snow storm was completely unexpected, which helped me alot. Because of it, I was able to get you here, and now here we are, I guess. But there's more..."
Without thinking, I pressed the teleport button on my Spy Phone, hidden behind my back, and my team and I were sent straight to my igloo.

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