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Polo Field ~ What's wrong?

Over the past few weeks, many things have been happening about Polo Field. Firstly, on the social networking site, twitter, he started to unfollow many penguins, reply to penguins then delete the tweet after and delete almost ALL his tweets! Apparently, he's being restricted, and isn't aloud to interact with us via social networking sites, only Club Penguin. Here's what he said about the twitter incident:

So today was… interesting. Apparently Twitter doesn’t appreciate it when you delete 20,000 tweets. I learned that the hard way when I had my Twitter account suspended today.
It was also a good reminder to be very careful about third-party applications. Think twice before using some app you know nothing about. Twitter allows third-party app development, but that doesn’t mean that every third-party app is automatically okay…
Anyways, I learned the hard way. I have a help desk ticket in with Twitter to look into the issue with the @polofield account.
Learn from my mistake. Don’t trust weird random Twitter apps without doing a bit of research first.
In the meantime, I am still available via @clubpenguin to share news and updates with the CP community.
I can reply to your comments if you submit them via the Club Penguin blog. The best way to connect about Club Penguin is through the official CP website.
My Polo blog here will eventually be shut down once we update the What’s New Blog to be even more awesome. The update last year was sort of a “half-way” update…
I can’t wait to share the HUGE blog update with everyone. It’s going to be so beautiful!!
Hope this helps clear things up a bit. I appreciate the concern from everyone in the community. I also truly appreciate the nice tweets from so many people.
Keep it nice. Be a great friend.
And… Waddle On!
Update: According to Twitter, the @polofield account was suspended for being an impersonator. LOL! Now that is funny.
So hopefully Twitter fixes the issue and the real Polo Field can return one day. :)

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