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A Look Inside The Magazine Items

Ello!!! Remember me??? Im Penguiin23, the graphic designer and rarely-ever poster on this blog! :D Now today (or should I say the other day?) Echo told me that he wanted a look inside all the things I unlocked from the rewards I got for designing at his blog and I would like to say THANKS!! I am not the best designer or coder but I try to be and that what makes it special, I always try to learn new things that could improve this blog:) Getting back I forgot to make a post back in December Echo ALSO told me to post but I forgot so now it is all chunked into this post! c:

Here is the magazine item back from December, being a Fish Vendor is pretty fun! I like the colors and the cap that fits...but this doesn't come with a special dance like I thought they'd be....but this outfit is nice to pretend your a vendor if you are at a big Stadium game or something like that:)

Now this is the magazine item from this month, right into the Hollywood Party! The chair is pretty comfy and kind of small comparated with other new items that came in the catalog, this chair is perfect to direct plays and it comes with your own megaphone so you can command your movies!

Have you ever gotten a magazine item from somebody? :]

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