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Smoothie SMASH!

You know today Club Penguin's brand new game Smoothie Smash was released, well know I want to get news ALL about it! On this post im going to teach you how to play, how to squish the fruit and how to WIN! LOL So to play you need to go to the Cove, Forest or Dock to play! I choose the Coffee Shop as it is it's main place:D
So this is the main menu, you can choose wheter you want to play NORMAL or SURVIVAL! But before playing I recommend you to read the instructions first:D
NORMAL  MOVE: Use the arrow keys. SMASH: Jump on the correct fruit. COMBOS: Follow the recipe.
SURVIVAL MOVE: Use the arrow keys. WATCH OUT!: Avoid hazards. SMASH: Jump on fruit to heal.
 So in order to play lots of thirsty penguins will come waiting to drink something....SMOOTHIES!
To make some smoothies you need to step on fruits...but not any fruit! There are combos to make different kinds of smoothies:p
And to move between fruit and fruit smashing it do it with your feet with the arrow about dancing and eating fruit at the same time xD NOTE: If you don't put your feet on fruit you will bounce off!
Do as much orders before time is OUT!
Remember to hit the right fruit and boosts will come and make the game FASTER!
Every time youll get more penguins or even polar bears! I like that even mascots come and drink some smoothies! xD
Now on SURVIVAL MODE DON'T HIT THE HAZARDS, it will take out some of your worry, smashing fruit will heal you:D
So those are all the cheats! How do you like this game? Easy? Hard? Leave your comments below! 

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