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Adventure Party: Appease the Volcano!

Ahoy pirates!!! Today be a BIG day, the BIG BIG HAKUNA HAS AWOKEN and it might as well destroy the whole Club Penguin island if the three fruit tribes stop it before its too late! Pirates and tribes head over to the Snow Forts, there are three fruit tribe entrances, first go to your home tribe...for me its the WATERMELON TRIBE!
 So yeah, there are three colored sides, green for WATERMELON, yellow for PINEAPPLE, and red for APPLE!
 If you click on that orange and dark green question mark it will give the instructions...
In order to feed the volcano you have to throw it fruits...
for 15 TIMES on every fruit side, look I hit 11 times!
After you have hit the volcano with watermelons 15 times you will get a special Watermelon Tribe Background as a reward!
 So you have to hit the fruits with the PINEAPPLE fruit, I hit 9 so far...
 And like the Watermelon side you will get a... PINEAPPLE TRIBE BACKGROUND!!!!
And then for the final part you have to go to the Apple side and throw fruit, 5 shots so far...
 And you get the Apple Tribe Background!
And when you have collected the three rare fruit tribe backgrounds you will get a exclusive BUNCH OF GRAPES COSTUME that im already wearing LOL
 Pretty cool way to get EPIC and delicious items right? Leave your comments below!

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