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Fan Art from a friend!

Today, has been a VERY GOOD DAY! Didnt have school, made my first post and the most important... FINALLY GOT SOME FAN ART LOL Yeah, today I got some fan art for TWO guys...ME and ECHO006! In my opinion I feel really awesome and thankful for my friend;) To start is Echo006 and Disney175 meeting each other once again LOL At the Town and having a nice chat!
And here me and Disney meeting at the Dock once again too! Disney175 was randomly dancing and saw me again xD
Im glad Disney175 is a BIG fan of us, but im the bigger one JUST KIDDING Me and Echo006 are the same level...anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH DISNEY175!!!!


  1. I'm REALLY happy you like it =D I extremely enjoy making fan art! We haven't seen each other for a long time on I'm looking forward to see you soon!



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