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Friday Featured Igloos

Hey penguins!

Today is Friday and it's time to post some very cool igloos. These are my three favorites:

Ten Agent said: "Hello, I love my friend Audi540 igloo. Has everything, bathroom, kitchen, and all is well off, I like to go to your igloo and enjoy a cup of tea. Hopefully they choose his igloo, I think would be good to show your great igloo ".
1000 Alam told us: "My friend called iglu dinoalcon 33 and I think it deserves to leave this Mul decorated and divided into sections but oh particularly one that changes ceccion each party has this great garden and dance floor with this fuffles great and as design billibob pinguineando follow ".
Miroslav4v said: "Hello penguins, I would like to submit the iglu my friend JEFF 09
is very great "
They realized? It occurred to me to take a picture and add a comment igloo made ​​the selection easier and more fun ... think?
JEFF 03.jpg
AHHH! If any igloo they would like to leave on the blog, nomĂ­nenlo in the comments and I'll remember for the next featured igloos!

  See you in the next wave! ;)


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