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Post 1073 ~ Some Fruity Items

To make a long story short: We came back from our holiday early due to our cat not being very well. Today, he sadly died. I like to blog when I'm upset to take my mind of things, and since I'm back two days earlier, I have more time to blog! So, heads up! Mcstamper has been doing a very good job of posting. Anybody else want to have a go? Just comment with your email address and you can start today ;) So, are we like half way through summer vacation? Better enjoy it while it lasts, but not by eating fruit! So, as I said, at Morrisons I got two packets of them smoothies. So, what items did I unlock???? Time to find out! Plus, if I get more after I've unlocked the pineapple igloo by Febuary, I might do a giveaway!  But, I'm not sure when I will unlock these codes...


  1. Oh wow Echo! I am so so sorry! I have two cats and I am sorry yours died. :(

  2. I don't like cats. Dogs are better!


  3. Did you really have to say that, Mcstamper?!?!


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