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Post 1069 ~ Cursed Volcano?

First of all, thanks to Trainman1405 for his brilliant pictures. Click here to visit his wonderful website! Plus, I finally logged into Club Penguin (in French) It's so slow, but it's better than nothing. I'll be back soon. Apparently, penguins worship a penguin god, according to these pictures. They are sacrificing fruits and giving it to this god. I don't believe it, but I gotta check it out. There's some cursed volcano and free items with three pins.
 ...Why do we have to eat all this fruit? If we only ate fruit we would die, or be really skinny. Plus, I found out from Phineas99 who emailed CP about the smoothies. They will be available to buy until FEBRUARY 2013! I am so going to turn into Spongebob if I don't get that pineapple igloo and that pin.
 I hope these three pins stay on the island because I won't be there to pick them up, unless they're all available on the first day and the last week. The green puffle don't look too pleased about all this fruit.
 ...Melons. Gross. They're so juicy, but I love collecting thing so I'll get it. But are they pins or a small scavenger hunt. Notice the free items?
 Are those apples? I don't like them. They taste juicy, but they can come in different colours. How about pears?
 Is this the snow forts? Hmm, members room?
 Yeah, note the dates, but is that this Penguin God and those horrible puffles? So, I am not there om the 25th or 29th, does that mean I'll miss out? Nah, hopefully not since the cave will open or somethng like this...
So what does Rockhopper have to do with this? Any ideas?
That looks like a ship of some sort. Or the top of a volcano. But where is the milkshake game or smoothie game? Does that come in the second week?

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  1. Smoothie Smash is at the Dock.



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