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Post 1075 ~ My Predictions ~ Rockhopper's Rare Items

As Rockhopper stated in the newspaper, he finds lots of treasures. Sometimes he even gives them away in the store room. So, what items do you think he will give away this time. Maybe a background or an item of clothing for the free item. But what about the other items? Long Long ago, Rockhopper came with lots and lots of plants. The whole island was overgrown! I still have those rare items, but as I was looking through the telescope. I saw some more details. See that pear tree? It looks very similar... Could it be an item to buy?
 It looks just like my other tree when fully grown with dragon fruits. I have always wished for more flowerplants. Could my wish really come true, even though the flowers will be full of fruits!
 Well, my tree grows dragonfruits! This is how it looked earlier. Do you think this item might come to Club Penguin? I hope so, but those are only my predictions.

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