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Post 1060 ~ Put TOP Effort!!

So probably you guys read Echo006's latest post (it's under this LOL) Please if you are a Echo006 blog lover (or as I like to call a Echosome!!) put some support and care because Echo006 is currently traveling around the world, has the hay flu, plus he is going to travel around the world and you can already feel the busyness around him and his family.So this is a call to everybody here around this blog, please Echo006 will be away so my wish is that penguins comment on every post saying something nice, and WODDYLAN and PENGUIIN23( ME LOL) please post around on EVERY SINGLE thing that happens on Club Penguin and that. Plus im thinking of changing the theme...people DO YOU SEE THE HEADER? AND DO YOU LIKE THE THEME? ANSWER IN A COMMENT PLZ:)


  1. Thanks Penguiin23. I only hav about two spare weeks in my whole holiday, I've already had 1 of them. And I can't see the theme because I'm using my iPod but I'm sure it looks good. You can change it anytime.

  2. The theme makes it hard to read the writing at the side to see what the posts are called!

  3. hey i would love to help you with the blog if you need help contact me via


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