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Post 1066 ~ Hi, I'm Mcstamper!

Hey readers,

I am the latest blogger on this blog and I promised Echo006 that i would post on all updates! My penguin was made the day we found out about stamps therefore the name Mcstamper ... I like all sorts of Puffles and I like to spend my spare time playing club penguin and decorating my igloo. I can't wait to make my first official post and meet some of my readers! Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to meet you all. 

Cold fishes and warm wishes - Mcstamper


  1. Your doing great so far. I've got 6 innocent smoothie items. I can't believe I was conned into buying those products. They taste fruity :(

  2. Thanks I usually post on Thursdays and I agree I love the items you get but I hate the smoothies anyway when you feel its right can I be promoted to admin please I will only edit stuff if its ok with you any who I'm getting the new guide soon so if I do become an admin I might create a book code page and give away the special book back pack item code - mcstamper

  3. Also if you have any fruit codes your willing to give away I'd me happy to have them lol sorry if I sound desperate :-/


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