There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Field-Op #76

Come in agents! Gary is calling us again, no time for searching eggs!
There Gary will give you orders! He wants US to go and upload a message on an unplugged machine while using our uniforms! He wants Herbert to SEE us!
The unplugged machine is here on the Dance Lounge, I wish we could play a game there...
Bypass the system! Match your data with the firewall to break through. Be sharp! The system speeds up!
Remember that this game is for FAST penguins! No time to loose and I think I will loose right about now...
 ...After trying you will get a message from Dot talking about Herbert seeing what we did.
But I wonder how would Herbert see that? There are TONS of penguins in there and I think that wouldn't be a good plan. By the way this is Penguiin23's test penguin since he did it ages ago...

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