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Easter Egg Hunt!

 NOTE: If you can't be bothered to read all this, just skip to the end of the post on instructions on what to do.
Easter is getting closer, and I wanted to do something special! For the next week or so, we'll be continuing the Music Jam Season :D Different Club Penguin songs will be played every single day, and if your lucky you might win a coin code! I don't know how many people want to participate in my Easter Egg Hunt to win a code, but if you do just comment below with your Club Penguin name and remember to check the blog every day. Each day a different Club Penguin song will be played. You can listen to the music for however long you like! After I have posted the music, I will give you a clue to where the first egg is hidden then you can comment with where you think it is hidden on the blog. Remember to check all around, if you can't think of where it could be just have a guess! You can search all over the blog and the Search Box is quite a useful thing for this, remember the easter egg hunt will start on Friday! There is one coin code for the winner and a special prize for the runner up! So if you happen to see an egg in one of my posts, you'll know where to find it. After 5 days of hunting the blog for eggs, the penguin with the most eggs found will recieve the Coin Code. Each day, two eggs will be hidden with one clue. You must search and search or even guess. The music might help a little because it will be related to the post where the egg is hidden. Remember - the egg could be hidden in ANY of my posts or pages. I will give you in the clue the month that the post was made :D Any questions, just drop a comment below! In your comment please tell me your Club Penguin name and remember to come back each day and comment with the post title on where the egg is hidden.

1. Comment with your Club Penguin name.
2. Come back each day after Friday and search for an egg in an old post!
3. Comment with where the egg is hidden.
4. After 5 days, the penguin who has found the most eggs wins a Coin Code!


  1. Hi! My name is Miki5258! You know me... LOL! I hope I will win!!!

  2. I'm Penguiin23 and I would like to join! One question...are you going to give hints?


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