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Easter Egg Hunt Clues!

The Easter Egg Hunt is finally here, but before I give you the first clue; I'd like to ask somebody very kind to become an author on my blog. This penguin must have had experience of making a Club Penguin blog; the reason for this is that I'm having a break and there are tons of things I want to post about but I can't! If anybody would like to do this job for me, be sure to tell me your e-mail address and tell me where the easter egg is hidden on the blog! I'd like this penguin to post all the things that have just happened on Club Penguin, like the Field-Op, Penguin Style Catalog, Magazine, Easter Egg Hunt and so on. This can be a fresh start of posts or you can just copy the posts that you have made about these and write them on this blog, but I really do need some help on blogging and quick! This penguin must be a friend that I know because then they can do a brilliant job and I know what they are capable of. Thanks, guys! Be quick to post if you get the job :) Here's the clue:

The Everyday Phoning Facility
Is where you'll take the test
This guide will help you
To Do your best!

The egg could be hidden in a page or a post so keep searching! Think about what the clue says and note the word guide. Are there any posts or pages that show you how to take the test? I really would LOVE to have somebody post a few posts of this weeks updates so if you can, please tell me your e-mail and you'll be sure to be posting in seconds! Good Luck finding the egg :D NOTE: If you become an authour, you must NEVER make a post without a picture because I find that really boring, but I'm only doing that at the moment because I'm having a break! Thanks...


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