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Puffle Party 2012 Fact File

Since the Puffle Party is almost over, I thought I'd write a little Fact File about it! Sorry that there isn't any pictures, but I didn't know how or where to find any. Here's how it all began...
PH the Puffle Handler prepared this years puffle party. She was first seen in the EPF DS game helping the agent to train the puffles. Back then, her colour was pink and she had a plain and simple cap. When she returned in 2012, she had a brown colour. Little did we know that she had changed this in 2011 because the Brown Puffles had been found!  She returned in the next DS game and then arrived on the island in March 2011, when she refurbished the Pet Shop and added a new game called Puffle Launch which has been turned into an app for other devices. In September 2011, she decided that puffles should have hats and later on in the year she added a new game called Pufflescape which was tested by the Beta Team. Then it was found that she is Australian as she appeared in an advertisement for Australia Day and has many different catchphrases like G'Day mate. In 2012 she went over the top to celebrate an awesome Puffle Party, where penguins turned into Puffles! Even the name, Club Penguin, transformed into Club Puffle! There was a complete Puffle Play Zone with tons of decorations around the island. The party started on March 15 and ended on the 27th. At the Gift Shop penguins could pick out different coloured outfits depending on their favourite colours, for both boys and girls!  More hats for puffles were added and new furniture the week before the party started. Puffle Party Preparations began and boxes of different colours were added to the island, however no Orange Puffle Box appeared. From then, we knew that penguins would transform into puffles, which they did in the next week! Even a GIANT Puffle was spotted by PH, although this was only penguins dressed in costumes in different colours. The party was a great success indeed, all different colours were decorated around the island, even a Puffle Play Zone was created along with a spa, where members turned into puffles! Since CPIP in 2008 at the april fools party nobody had ever been seen as a puffle. It was very strange being a Puffle, but it was defiantly a great experience.  Non-Members could enter the Puffle Show room for the first time! Once members had transformed into puffles, they could use the dance, wave and sit buttons to play with a toy, sleep and bounce up and down! Every different puffle room was unique and improved. My favourite room had to be the Green Puffle Room as it was packed full of decorations unlike last year. There were three free items, a polka dot hat for both penguins and puffles and a 1st prize background from the Puffle Show Room. While all this was going on, a small St. Patricks day party was being held at the Mine Shack where a double rainbow was seen! This has to be the best puffle party yet! Will it be better next year? Time will tell...


  1. My suggestion would be the winner could get a puffle hat (since the hat will last forever) and the runner up should get a 7-day free membership(since it is only for 7 days), WADDLE ON!

  2. Hi! I'm Pingu Pingey! I'm back!

  3. OMG, Echo! You sure can write :D


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