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Perapin's Tips to meet PH

Many of you may of been struggling to meet PH, the Puffle Handler! With Perapin's awesome guide, you will find her within minutes! Firstly, you should check the tracker and refresh it every few minutes! Thanks to fabulous Perapin for making this wonderful post and letting me share it with others :)

Who's PH? :)
How do I find PH? :)
She could be on any server! But the servers I would check would be the servers that are 2-5 bars. When you check a server, you should check the rooms that PH goes to! :) She goes to these rooms many times! :) Puffle Playzone! Ski Village! Pet Shop!

There are a few lovely ways that can work so you can meet PH, and these can work great! But there's a lot of servers in Club Penguin and you gotta have heaps of teamwork! ;)

Camping on a server method: Wait at a location while being patient and see if PH will come to where you're at! It can take a long time for this to work since there's heaps of servers in Club Penguin but if you're at times when servers aren't that busy, it could be easier! :)

Server hopping method: Jumping from servers quickly, while hoping that PH will bump into you! :D This is a method that works awesome sometimes, but there's many servers that make this hard!

Have lots of buddies who meet PH: All you have to do here is have lots of buddies who meet Rockhopper a lot and when you check your friends servers you might be able to see PH! :)

PH Search Party - The best tip ever! If you mix all the sweet methods above withTEAMWORK, you have a really high chance of meeting him! Get lots of your tracking friends to be on servers at rooms PH likes to go to, using the methods above but with more than one penguin checking! :) I recommend using the chat I made, where your friends can inform you if they see PH, and use teamwork! :)

What to do if you see PH? :)
If you see her, of course you should treasure every moment and have so much fun! She's really sweet. When you click her playercard, you may add her to your friends list and get her free background!
I know that penguins like to crowd PH and it's hard to click PH in crowds, so if that ever happens, you should check the chat bar and click on any messages she says to click on her playercard or just see what she says. :)

Any other tips, Perapin?
Hmm, well I think it's best you always check your friends servers if you are friends with PH, and if you see any servers going strangely more popular, check there! My favorite server, Abominable is where PH goes to a lot, the same with some other servers since so be sure to check there! :) You should also try foreign servers, she is not just only on English! :)

If you're lucky, you can meet PH, and I'm sure this tracker will help. :) Make use of this guide, I did my best on it! ;) TEAMWORK IS THE KEY, good luck and be determined! :)
I'm a non-member! I wanna see PH but rooms are always full!
You can always try next time she visits! :) Or try later on in the week of the event or party when it's almost ending or at times when servers are really empty like around 11:00 PM PST time. :)

PH is a really caring penguin and cares a lot for puffles! :) Her name PH is short for Puffle Handler because she can handle them. :)

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