There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Mysterious Ninja Part 4 - My Stories and Adventures

You're getting close,
Don't be shy!
The next eggs hidden
Out of sight!
Don't you just think that these stories are getting old and boring? Well, think again! Last time, I had just fell in the water! This strange ninja is ruining all the peace on Club Penguin. This part does not resolve any of the issues, it just makes them worse! Click here to see the story so far and how it all began. Be sure to check out some of the new Funny Pictures :) The next part of the story will be posted in either late March or early April!
...Falling in the water was one of the most dreadful experiences of my life. I was cold and scared, but eventually grabbed on to the anchor and got pulled up. After hours of waiting, the ship arrived at a strange little island full of supplies. Then it hit me! I could use the cans of paint to spray colour back on the island and some of the snow to fill that giant hole in the Plaza!
What an excellent idea! Now, I just needed to find my way back without any help from anybody. But how was I meant to bring all the penguins back? I wondered where they were and then set off again on my journey. The next island I arrived on was filled with Dinosaurs. The most terrifying creatures you will ever meet! And what's worse, more smelly water and a magnificent gem to reach...
 ...After that terrible experience, I again set sail on Rockhopper's Ship to a strange little island named Shipwreck Island. I wonder why it is called that. Everything looked ever so bright so I thought there was no point in having a Beacon, but yet again it was in invert colours. I stopped by a warm fire and kept thinking about the plan. How would I change the colours back with the spray cans? I started to cry but I knew I had to carry on with the journey...
 ...Walking into the Hall of The Viking Lords was gruesome! The fish looked like it was a thousand years old and the Vikings were dead. Something tells me that they were here a long long time ago and never actually got to finish their feast. I felt sick in the stomach. I noticed a giant viking statue, it really creeped me out.
After the dreaful experience on Rockhopper's Ship, I finally arrived back on Club Penguin. I knew the Mysterious Ninja had something to do with it, but I had no idea of where he was. I thought about changing the colours back, it wouldn't be easy but I was glad to be back on Club Penguin. My quest had only just begun...
 ...Then I had a strange thought, what if Herbert had escaped? Maybe he was floating in the sea! Kluzty came to mind, but I remember back in August that he escaped! The Mysterious Ninja could have something to do with Herbert, maybe they might team up to make teamwork!
...I started looking at the Town, but he was nowhere to be found. Something was quite strange though, one of the Club Penguin trees on the right side of the town had gone! Maybe the Mysterious Ninja was sucking them up, to make something bigger and better. All I could do was hope...
 ...Then I remembered! Before I left the island on Rockhopper's Ship the EPF Command Room door was left open! I rushed to the Ski Village, and it still was. Inside at the Command Room everything was changed. Somebody had got some of the EPF files from the corner and thrown some paper in the trash can. The TV Moniter had been changed and the Herbert Cam was offline...
 ...I thought of a place where the Ninja might be, the Plaza! But he was not to be found there, but I could use some of the supplies! I quickly used a shovel and put down a ton of snow to fill in the gigantic hole at the plaza! One step down, three to go. Change the colours back, find the Mysterious Ninja and get the citizens of Club Penguin back on the island.
Suddenly, an even bigger problem arose, I was being transported to a strange little island that seemed very similiar. I had been here before! Dinosaur Island, but this time I couldn't get back. I slept there for one night until I woke up in the morning as a king! But to make things worse, a dragon king. RAWR!
Then once again, I was teleported to a different place on Club Penguin. The Cove. There stood the Mysterious Ninja, he welcomed me and put a mask over my face. He suited me up with clothing I couldn't see and then put a mysterious spell on me. I was trapped in an invisable cage looking just like the Mysterious Ninja. I couldn't understand! Was I a penguin, a dragon or a Ninja? Everything was so complicated...
Two Ninjas, Inverted Colours, Strange Noises, Herbert missing, what else could go wrong? Time will tell...


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