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The Mystery - My Stories and Adventures

This was my first edition of My Stories and Adventures. It wasn't very good and I didn't really have many readers back then. It was made of four parts and included a big mystery about the Ninjas. You'll discover alot of secrets about them that you never knew...

It was a dark stormy night in Club Penguin. I was waddling through the caves then I stopped. I looked at the Puffle Rescue desk. Nobody was there. I found the newspaper. I read it.
I was wearing my faviourite Halloween costume. Suddenly, the lights flashed off. Something was wrong... I waddled through the cave to see a shovel. What was it for?
As still as a stone, I quickly slipped away. It seemed much brighter in the next room because there was so much gold gleaming in my eyes! I saw a ladder and rushed to climb to it. I could smell pizza...
I rushed to the Pizza Parlor. To my surprise, I found it locked. Hmm, I thought. I turned around and waddled on to the town. It was dark now. Everybody was asleep. I opened the coffee shop door...
It was open! I quickly waddled up the stairs. I removed a book from the shelf. A large door opened.
 I waddled through it and scanned the computer. I asked a simple question...
The voice replied no. We were looking for something top secret, something to do with ninjas. Suddenly the lights went out. Something was wrong. The power had gone out but it had never done this before. What could of happened?
This was a mystery. A strange mystery indeed. I needed to find out who was messing around.
I tried to get out of the lair. It was locked. Pitch Black. I closed my eyes. I could feel the boiler rumbling and it was my only way to safety.
I quickly slipped out of the room... Nobody noticed. I could hear sounds. I was in the Plaza. I looked down the hole.
Just slime nothing else. AAAAAGH! I had been pushed down.  SPLASH! I fell into the slime pool.
What a disgusting sight it was! In fact... I didn't know it. But the halloween party was here!
I rushed out and down the secret lab. My flipper slipped onto a lever.
Ouch! It hurt badly. I needed to find the next clue to the mystery. I had no idea what was going on and who was following me. Suddenly, I heard a voice. I was shocked at what I saw.
A small red ghost. I knew ghosts didn't exist but I had that crazy feeling that another was about to pop up. I didn't believe that any of this was real so I stayed calm and walked to the cove to sit down by the fire.
I saw something in the water. It looked very scary but I wasn't afraid of it. I decided to try and ignore the fact that it was Halloween and decided to eat a pizza.
The oven was as warm as the boiler. I ate my pizza and rushed outside into the storm.
I thought about what the mystery was. Then I knew it. It was the storm, where had it come from?
I remembered when the sky had turned red and last year when it rained. But what would happen this year?
It might snow or nothing might happen. But the snow ninjas will return...
I looked around for any more clues to how the storm had formed. All I found was those little ghosts.
As the night got darker, I decided to waddle home to my igloo. On the way, I took a shortcut. It was through the dark chamber so I used my night vision goggles.
My flipper got stuck and I couldn't move. I waited for help but nobody came. I was alone or was I?
Soon, the party would be over. Yet the mystery is still out there and is yet to be solved.

As I continued with my journey to find the mystery, I discovered that the storm had left Club Penguin. I decided to waddle to the dock and go into the Wilderness. It was unbelievable.
 There was millions of trees opening up as I walked through them. Puffles were lost and penguins were puzzled. I was in a maze. Yet had no idea where this place would lead to... I took the path on the left.
I ended up near a Gigantic machine! What was it for? Did this machine make the storm? I tried to work out how to use it. I eventually gave up and poured myself a cup of a coffee.
The machine had started! Wow! That was easy. Now I needed to try and figure out what to do next. So I poured the coffee into the wooden tub and pressed the green button. Then I pressed all the other buttons.
I played the piano gently but instead it caught fire! I put it out with a snowball and played it again. Perfect. But what was all this stuff for?
I was thinking back to January and remembered I'd seen this machine before! At the Wilderness Expedition! After a long time, I finally finished working it and suddenly a storm had started! I fainted.
When I woke up, I found myself in a weird place I had never seen before. You'd never of guessed what it was. The entrance to the Shadow Dojo.
I decided to take a step inside and see a glimpse of the future. I saw nothing but pitch black darkness.
Try and zoom in. What can you see? I rushed backwards tumbling down a hill. I was back in the present time. I found one of my friends. But we were in the past at the Mountain Expedition.
My friend could smell fish dogs. He hurried up the ladder at the top of the mountain. We were trying to solve the mystery and he was easily getting distracted.
Finally, I figured out why we were here. The machine had sent us to the future and then to the past. But all of a sudden my friend started to disappear...
Then I noticed we were back in the present time. I wonder if the machine powered the storm? Or did the Shadow Ninjas make it? Time will tell... The Card-Jitsu party was just around the corner.
I knew it! Sensei looked at me and winked. I knew only me and him knew the secret of the Shadow Ninjas. But the mystery had changed, it wasn't about the storm anymore, it was about Ninjas.
I waved goodbye to Sensei. What an adventure it had been! I wonder where I will go next...

On my journey, throughout the past I had found tons of information that I needed. I knew lots of secrets and tips. I carried on thinking on what adventure would strike past me. But nothing happened. I started to warm up by the fire. I slowly fell asleep...

I had a strange and mysterious dream! Me and my friend were at the old Mine Shack. I couldn't believe it!
Then I realised, the mystery was about the storm that came to Club Penguin for the Halloween Party. It was now the Card-Jitsu party and ninjas were everywhere! But the dream showed more...

...I started to shrink! Everything got smaller and then puffles jumped about. They were throwing snowballs at me!
Then Sensei showed up, he told me that when I woke up I must speak to him. Then all of a sudden, I woke up! My puffles started to crowd me, as if they were saying speak to Sensei.
I waddled to the dojo and called for Sensei. I couldn't find him anywhere! I wondered what he would want to talk about.
I decided to give up. But just as I turned around, I saw an old penguin in a brown coat. I looked at him. Could it really be Sensei?
It was! But then he flashed away. I wondered where he went and how he disappeared. I thought about the Shadow Ninjas. Could it really be true?
I still couldn't find him. I looked in the fire dojo, the water dojo, EVERYWHERE! There was no sign of Sensei.
I rushed to Aunt Arctic's igloo, to find that she was typing up the latest issue of the Club Penguin Times.
She told me that Sensei was training for Card-Jitsu snow. Then she told me about what Sensei had once said. "When something is unclear start at the beginning." I looked back at what happened. The storm started, then ninjas appeared! It must have something to do with Sensei. I said thank you to Aunt Arctic.
I rushed back to find Sensei waiting at the Ninja Hideout. He told me about the Ninjas. I realised how the storm had been created. From the Water Ninjas powers! Why didn't I think of that before!
The Mystery was solved! It was the ninjas after all that made the storm. Where will I go next on my crazy and amazing adventures? Shhh...

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