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A Club Penguin Beta

Mwahahaha! One of my minions spotted a "Club Penguin Beta" on your little island today. But when the polar bears and their stormtroopers takeover, there won't be any need to have beta penguins. Look how much you admire them. Hmm, that gives me an idea for Operation: Beta Hat.

If Herbert wore a beta hat, would everyone bow down to him and crowd him like this?

Haha! It's amazing to see how much you treat these penguins just because they have a hat on! Here's two of the sayings she said...
Old CP was for fun, new CP is for money.
Memberships keep going in price.
~Echo P. Bear

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  1. You might have many slaves but you should be scared now.I found a robo-puffle and i'm gathering penguins.I just tracked down Echo! we are getting there as soon as possible.


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