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My Igloos

This is a new feature that I have started, which shows you 15 of my old igloos and what I like about them! There is also an "igloo" page now, and it will be added to the sidebar soon!
This igloo is a recent igloo of mine and includes most of my favourite items, as well as an epic puffle band! There are different sections to this igloo, a gaming corner, a band area, a tennis court, and the lovely garden with a climbing wall!
 This igloo is quite old, as you can see, and is to show my support towards the earth by showing all of my old plants that I had! This cottage was full of the plants, and I loved to watch them grow :)

This is a cave igloo I created! It was very basic, and had a few piles of gold as well as some beach chairs and flowers.
 This is my ship igloo! I was very proud of this igloo, and I loved how it represented a ship similar to the Migrator. The furniture I used for this igloo was quite old, but related to the Pirate theme and Rockhopper.
 This igloo was created for a story I was writing! It was strange to actually decorate what would be inside a whale's mouth, but I liked doing it :D
This igloo is one of my favourites, because it was so small yet I still managed to get most of the items in! I had a small kitchen and dining area, as well as a lounge and a computer office area! I even had a garden and I loved to watch the tree grow and the fish to jump up over the flowers. This igloo is awesome!
This is one of my oldest igloos! It was dedicated to all my puffles, as you can see from the posters on the walls and the HUGE puffle play area! I also had a band area, as well as a cool kitchen! This is one of my favorite kitchen designs because it works so well with the igloo. The paintings on the wall are (were) rare too!
This is my crowded treehouse igloo. Of course, you can't find your way around and it's a bit messy, but it's the sort of thing a real treehouse would look like (if you had to live in it!)
 This is my overgrown garden igloo! It's the back entrance to one of my cottages, and is where I keep all my plants and animals :) I loved making this igloo, as it reminded me of all the fantastic plants I had! The trees and the forest make it seem like a true jungle!
 This is one of my very basic simple igloos. A mat, a sofa, a TV, the fireplace, posters and a painting, a fish, some gold, a lamp and a green puffle beanbag! I liked this igloo because it was quick to load therefore making my puffles much easier to feed :)
 This is a beach igloo I crated. I tried to make it as symmetrical as possible and I used the koi fish ponds for decoration! I really like this igloo, and it's the perfect place to relax!
 This is my big screen TV igloo! It was made to represent an actual TV movie at the cinemas and lots of seats for penguins to watch the crime scene :)
 This is my candy igloo. I made it for a video that one of my friends was doing! I loved every moment of living in this igloo, as you can imagine!
This is my cave igloo. It's cluttered and it has tons of rare items in it which I own! That's why I like it so much - it's got 99 items though and it lags terribly! But the decoration is amazing!
 This is another simple, but effective igloo! This igloo is for when I'm using my computer - of course, I'd love to have a room this big for it, but sadly not :) This decoration is always one of my favorites, and I tend to always use the same things each time!
Remember, part 2 will be coming soon! Stay tuned :) 

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