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April 2012 Furniture Catalog

Did you hear? No? Well, anyway, the brand new treasure book is coming out this Thursday! It better have some epic items, cos I've got a TON of codes to unlock (well, they don't weigh a ton, but there's certainly a lot of em!) Speaking of catalogs - if the treasure book actually is a catalog - here's the latest furniture catalog!

You got some pretty cool stuff in there, don't ya? The return of the legendary KOI POND! Old animals, old plants, earth day? What, when's that? Some old boxes, a camera, and the hydrant! I reccomend you get lots of hydrants because they can be very useful if you're a decorator ;) The new stuff - HOSPITALS? You have to be kidding me! Penguins don't need to go to hospital, do they? Well, there's a lot of hidden stuff in the catalog too, so watch out ;) Clues - hippopotamus, wooden crate, lamp post, searchlight, trashcan and the jungle flora! Maybe I gave you a bit too many clues ;)

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