There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

New Club Penguin Rooms

Club Penguin have released their outside room update! Rory, the construction worker, has given the island a new look while the blackout was on. Now that the snow has melted, you can finally see their hard work. Let's start at the Ski Village. Firstly, they've added more trees and the mountains are more detailed. There is a conveyor belt which transports the tubes to the mountain ready to go down again :) That's a clever idea, but it's actually not any good. It stops half way as if you go to the mountain ~ they clearly haven't built it all. How silly! Also, the EPF building is not yet back to normal, but it will be hopefully very soon. Check out the new Ski Lodge and the Tours Guide booth.
 ...The beach still, has no sand on it. But, there's just a few tiny details you can pick out. Like the new trees, the small bridge, the igloo snow castle, the chairs and umbrellas, the ski village in the distance, and the lighthouse and it's fishing netsand other things :) Not much difference, but far better looking!
 ...Next we have the Dock. There's tons more trees, and mountains too! You can see the Town, the beach and Lighthouse, the mountain and the Ski Village. The Hydro Hopper has moved slightly to the left ~ there are steps for the elderly, if they can't walk up the snow? There's benches and three different signs pointing which way to go. More rocks are at the edge of the sea, and now there's a rope to stop us falling in. Now, I'll just take a little drink from that new water fountain :)
...At the Town, the buildings have been upgraded so now the outside matches the inside ~ a club penguin times sign has been added to the coffee shop. There's a new table, new chairs and a new bench. Roll out the red carpet at the Dance Club and check out the three clothing items on sale outside of the "clothes shop." I'll always call it the gift shop. The buildings have been moved higher up, as they are now on pavement instead of snow. You can even see the fire dojo and water dojo from here! Rory and his workers must of done some very hard work to move all these buildings into the background!

 ...Here at the Snow Forts ~ they have been rebuilt with more snow from the blackout. The clock tower has been remodeled and there is no longer a message in PSA Code on it. You can see the different surroundings, and also a log and a snowpuffle have been added at the sides.

 ...At the Plaza, the buildings have been slightly remodeled. A red puffle will be launched out of the Pet Shop, and the tubes are going outside of the pet shop ~ yet no puffles go through them. The stage has their fabulous two doors that turn into one door magic ~ Rory obviously forgot to fix this when he added all the new doors. Go down the hole in the ground with a fish on it to get a stamp. Try not to eat that giant pizza over at the pizza place. Look at the Mine shack in the distance with the hundreds of trees called the forest. Again, the buildings are on pavement now instead of snow :)
And that's pretty much it. I guess Rory didn't have time to add more trees to the forest, and make the Cove and Mountain look better. It's only half a job done! Oh well, I guess there wasn't enough time in the blackout.

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  1. Echo, haven't you ever been to a stage? There is 2 doors that you can choose to go through either and both have the hallway connect to one door.


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