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The Latest Pin ~ A Bat Key?

I've had a short blog break, but I'm posting again now that it is Friday :) I've been busy with other things ~ but since the weekend is about to begin, I have plenty of time! Let's get to it, there's a new pin and I'm desperate to find it. Uh, not so sure that this is a pin ~ this is a key to add to my collection. I have Rockhopper's Key ~ available at the Book Room in Rockhopper's journal (I remember the day when it first came out and my sister got the key and I was so desperate to enter Rockhopper's Bedroom) Also, I have the Puffle Rescue Key ~ to unlock the underwater room (I remember that squid!) Time to add this other key to my wonderful collection...
The photos aren't the best at the moment ~ they will improve soon ;) Thanks Bubsey Good!

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