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Paychecks October 2012

I haven't been posting much, because there's nothing to do on Club Penguin ~ the Fair is really boring me, and there's nothing happening on Club Penguin. Nothing! My friends list isn't working, I have tons of bugs and it annoys me to play. I'm not happy about it, but still here are this month's paychecks...

 ...The new paychecks are so strange! Well, they're normal but different to what I was used to. Check this, 250 coins back in the old days ~ now it seems we've got an extra 100 coins ~ but what for?
 ...Tour Guides are still the same though, nope, nothing special about them. They do nothing! Or do they?

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  1. hey echo it's waddle,yeah long time no talk,i'm re-starting my minimonos blog and i was wondering if i could have the code for your theme? thanks :)


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