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Post 1015 ~ Ultimate Jam Daily Challenge

The Ultimate Jam has begun! It is very exciting, and first you will be given a free item! So, here's how to do it. Click the tick in the right hand corner and claim your free purple boombox.
 ...Now, take off all of your items and hold the purple boombox. Then head over to the Cove...
 ...Now, position yourself on the purple square and press D or click on the actions button and click dance.
 ...Now do the exact same, on the purple square, at the Mine Shack and the Forest.
 Once you have completed that, you will get your first star of the week ~ the Sweet star.
 You're now a dancing fan! Come back tommorow for the next challenge :)
I am sure the next challenge will be about the same, wear the hat, dance on some squares and get another star pin.

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