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Post 1010 ~ Lebron Jr Speaks the Truth!

Recently, Lebron Jr made a post about how Club Penguin should improve. I agree with everything he says ~ especially this extract:
This is my last bit of advice. When people look back on "Generation 1" they always talk about all those things that they miss. How we don't have this anymore, how we don't have that anymore, etc. By the time "Generation 3" gets here, they need to be able to say that they miss things from Generation 2! I don't know what it is, but this new generation has still not made its' mark on Club Penguin history. I don't know if any current items will turn out rare in a couple of years, but I don't get that same feeling with items of today like I did with items of the past. If you notice, the design concept has even changed. Look at how different penguins used to look.
Old Club Penguin was basic and so was the design. Penguins weren't as complicated and penguins definitely looked different! Also, the simplicity of things is what made old club penguin so cool! Some like the new graphics, but the old ones were a hit! I don't expect Club Penguin to change back to their old graphics (because they shouldn't) but I just think it is something to point out. I also feel that Club Penguin is pumping out WAY too many new items. They need to have fewer more simple items like back in the day! We need to feel the "Rarenees" of items again! Also, GO BACK TO THE OLD NEWSPAPER! This new newspaper is kind of pathetic. Club Penguin said that the old paper was too time consuming but with all of the staff that they can hire, they should at the very least be providing us with the best possible content. No excuses.

Do you agree with these points? Click here to read the full post! I started Club Penguin near the end of Generation 1 and I was there to see the changes. If you weren't, then you might not agree as you haven't seen what Club Penguin used to be like :)

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