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Shining Spotlight ~ The Field~Op

It's hard work being a news reporter! I might try to be a pizza chef instead. I'll quit after I make this post... The spotlight leads us to the strange mysterious room where nobody goes except penguins wearing outfits that nobody else has. I've looked inside and there's a magic door! In fact, these agents say that they do field-ops. I've found the latest one! It's classified though ~ just like all the other things. But I'm not in the EPF, I never made any promises. I'll give you a clue, it isn't here! Because nobody has heard of this place ;) Hey, aren't there some trackers on the sidebar?
Apparently, these agents are after some sort of robot. The one that built that giant one running downtown! Reporter guy is out ~ I quit!


  1. Hi Echo006 how are you doing? LOL anyways someone told me you could help me with this :$ so if you do leave a reply on my blog :) waddle on!

  2. Hi Echo006 :D XD...If you saw the image i wanted to know if you could get me those puffle hats and so i could make you some graphics without cutouts :P all hand-photoshop made LOL + normal coin code :) hehe, so leave a comment on my blog! thanks waddle on!

  3. Hi dont forget to leave the reply on my blog tee hee XD cya around!


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