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Post 1027 ~ Brand New Igloo Experience

At first, I couldn't understand how to work the new igloo experience. I pressed the button in the corner, but I couldn't find the catalog or how to edit it...
 Eventually, I figured out that you could add another igloo and how to edit it.
 If you can't find the flooring, it is in the Furniture Catalog before the Clearance section. Now we can keep flooring instead of having to buy it again :)
 I got the hang of it, and it is actually way faster than before. I already have one like from Disney175 :)
 ...I made a wonderful beach area. My puffles have lots of free space now instead of being cramped inside that treehouse.
 ...I also made a mysterious forest igloo! There are lots of plants and things inside it, does anybody live here?
My new igloos only took me about 10 minutes to make! Before, it would of taken me an hour. Instead of having to click on the item and then go back, you can just click on another item! So much easier :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Echo006 :)
    Yeah, I actually realized that I was the first one to like your igloo :) Your igloo is always, EPIC, FUN AND AWESOME! Enjoy waddling around :) See ya next time!

    Best Fishes, (I got that from Penguiin23 :) )


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