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955th Post ~ Meeting Aunt Arctic

Don't give up trying to find Aunt Artic ~ keep on going, you will find her some day!
As the Club Penguin Team stated, Aunt Arctic would be at the scene today, I arrived on Deep Freeze 5 minutes before 4PM BST, the town was full so I waddled to the Coffee Shop...
...It was crowded with people asking if she was coming and they were all excited...
...Trying to get into the Town was impossible! It was full every time I tried, but I didn't give up :)
 ...Aunt Arctic came in and quickly waddled up the stairs to the office, I couldn't see her and by the time I was near the office stairway it was full!
 ...I waited for Aunt Arctic to come down again ~ I knew she wouldn't stay up there all day from past experience when she visited Club Penguin on their 6th Anniversary!
 ...Finally, she came down and I quickly clicked on her penguin, added her and recieved her free background! She is now on my buddy list :)
This is the first main character I have ever added. I tried to add Gary last year, but Club Penguin had a massive bug which meant I couldn't add famous penguins. I hope to meet the Penguin Band soon...

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