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959th Post- Want FREE 7 Day Memberships?

Non-Members, you are in luck! Get free membership, with this wonderful website!
Today is a great day to post! All because right now penguins all over the world can get FREE 7 Day Memberships instantly, just with some clicks you will be a FREE member for 7 days and best thing you can do it again and again :D Just go to this place that is in Deutsch and follow this easy steps:) Go to the site and click Jetzt spielen!
Fill in the data.. Beautzername stands for username that can be anything that is not taken, E-mail obviously stands for e-mail, Passwort is password with t isntead of d, and then the next step says that you have to retype the pasword, and Geshlecht is gender..boy or girl?
The terms of condition, most people don't read it but if you would like, go for it! When your done click on the large green button!
And there you have the code! Remember it only works once, but here's a tip, redo the steps but with a different account and username and you have TONS of 7 day memberships, it take 52 membership to have a WHOLE one year :)
So are you going to do this or do you think this is CHEATING? Is it unfair on the paid members, or should the paying members stop paying and start getting free memberships? Membership for a year costs a lot of money, but with this way it only costs time! Each go only takes about 1 minute, so after an hour you will have a year's supply of membership :) Thanks to Trainman1405

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  1. Oh, im okay! I got 10 7 day memberships for more than 2 months=)


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