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Penguin Style Catalog ~ Marvel Takeover

Wow! It's the last day of May, time goes so fast! Club Penguin have added a new Penguin Style Catalog! This fashion catalog is superhero themed as the new Party, Marvel Takeover, is coming to Club Penguin :)

...Here are two new lovely backgrounds! Don't forget to get the Medieval Party Backgrounds, if you haven't already!
 Are you a superhero? If so, grab this awesome outfit!
 Don't feel like saving Club Penguin? Why not be a news reporter ;)
 ...Grab your camera and film the action or suit up and interview the superheros!
 ...Watch out! We'll need more penguins to save the island, grab another costume in a different colour :)
 ...Are you a witness watching what's happening. If so, grab this outfit and blend in with the crowd.
 Remember ~ There's a job for you! This time, become a fireman or woman and help protect Club Penguin!


  1. Can you tell me how to get in Club Penguin" Files?

  2. please dont invert images.

    it makes them difficult to look at.


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