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Non-Members Can Defeat The Dragon King? EXCLUSIVE

Notice to Non-Members: Before the Medieval Party ends, try completing all the quests. If you can, you are very lucky :)
WOW! I was testing things on my test penguin, Echo009, when I decided to try and do the last quest. I picked up all three items and then climbed Dragon Peak. I was able to get the cape and noble helmet and defeat the Dragon King! I started to investigate a little more. I found out that this could be a bug, for maybe just my penguin or others too...
...I was able to collect all three items from the Beach, Dock and Village and then I clicked on the mountain on the map. I was able to pick up the free items and defeat the dragon king!
 I even got the free pin that I thought was only available for members...
 I checked to certainly see if I was a non-member and it was true! The star means that you are a non-member on your playercard.
 ...But when I headed to the Sky Kingdom. I couldn't pick up the free item for members over there, but I came across a sign that caught my attention. Battling the Dragon King requires a paid membership. Not for my non-member penguin!
 ...I tested this by using my OTHER non-member penguin, but this time there weren't the same results. I was not able to pick up the three items therefore meaning that I could not complete the quest!
Saraapril has evidence that OTHER non-member penguins have been able to complete the Knights Quest I and Knights Quest II. I however, have been able to complete Quest 4 instead. Try completing these before the party ends, you never know, you could be a lucky penguin!

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