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800th Post - Even More Featured Igloos!

To celebrate 800 posts, I proudly present more featured igloos! I've seen a lot of beautiful igloo decorations around, so I'd love to show you some more from different countries around the world. Sorry that some of the language might not all be translated...

platanoball said, "My Best Friend igloo,obiwanluis, is great is a super dojo mats and all deinmediato vistitarlo Deven is fabulous and your puffles are also very tender


 6futbolista6 said, "Hello, my friend has a great igloo paulina40000, porfa publiquenlo is special for veanlo puffles and they loved: D".

  MMAA said: "Holitas penguins! I wanted to recommend the iglu of Capitanlucas is super pufflistico. Besides having many puffles furniture has many ultra pufflisticos Happy77 is incredibly see him greeting and follow pufflistico.Un Pingui pinguineando".
  Have you seen some good igloo Earth Day this week? If so, write in the comments the owner's name and why they liked it so much.Stay tuned for more igloos published soon!

And Billybob says ...Ping├╝ineando follow! :)

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