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Perapin Meets Rookie!

Great News! Perapin found Rookie on server Brumby! This proves that Rookie is online! Get Tracking! Perapin writes for the Club Penguin Times and has his own blog. He decided to take a quick interview from Rookie:

Perapin: So what are ya working on?
Rookie: Well I had to start doing some arrangements or I wouldn't be done in time! Me and my buddies are trying to sink the island.
Rookie: Well anvils are really heavy things right? 
Perapin: YES
Rookie: I think if we add anvils and boxes on the Beach, we can put weight on the Beach so the island will tip!
Perapin: WOW, smart Rookie
Rookie: Thanks! I'm getting heaps of them from the Recycling Plant! Thanks to some EPF Agent, it got fixed and I can use it! 
Perapin: I think I helped, LOL
Rookie: I think we should have a Free Item at the Beach where we could wear anvils on our heads to help the island sink
Perapin: WHAT!? Crazy Rookie
Perapin: I wonder if we can find another puffle!
Rookie: Yes, maybe!
Rookie: Well I gotta go! I should eat another sandwich, they help a lot, so I can get more great ideas
Perapin: Take care 

Perapin is an EPIC friend of mine!  I can't wait to where an anvil on my head! Perapin will write up this interview into the Club Penguin Times! Aunt Arctic will be very impressed. He even got his igloo featured! Click here to vist his blog!


  1. Club Penguin Times!? LOL, :) I don't work for the Club Penguin Times, but it would be cool to! :) Lovely post!

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)


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