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Club Penguin Furniture Catalog January - February 2012

Wow! Club Penguin have gone crazy with this modern style! I love it! They even changed the name of the catalog to "Furniture Catalog"! Lets take a look...

Check out some of the New Arrivals! Can you spot any hidden items?

-Tidal Pools
-Sea Stones
-Sunken Pillar
-Sunken Wall
-Sunken Arch
-Treasure Chest
 Then we come to some really old items that were in catalogs back three years ago! The Life Ring was featured in Rockhopper's Rare Items! I bet you didn't know that! Can you find the rarest item, that was also featured on Rockhopper's Ship! The Inflatable Dragon!

-Hanging Moss
-Life Ring
-Beach Ball
-Inflatable Whale
-Beach Umbrella
That's all for this weeks catalog and no Underwater Igloos. I think Club Penguin could of added a bit more items though. But I guess they're really busy working on three awesome partys! Shh, Fashion Show coming soon!

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