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The Scare Games ~ So Far...

Me and my friends Bubsey and Pingy have made a story called the Scare Games. Eventually, the scare games will happen in this story. We're all monsters, and this is my side of the story. (We each make up a different part for each day and we have our own view of that day...) This is only my part so far - you can read Bubsey's and Pingy's at where all the parts are posted daily :)

I'm just a normal penguin. But that all changed, the day I was taken away. And now here I am, with Bubsey and Pingywin at Monsters University. I woke up, feeling cold. The room was dark, and I wondered why the sun hadn't rose. Then I realised, that overnight, using my shadow powers, I had cast a shadow over the island of Club Penguin. Nobody else had the power to do that. I quickly manouvered around my messy bedroom and controlled the shadows with my powers. Quickly, I closed my curtains and ran back to my comfortable bed. I hadn't a clue what would happen next. I was planning to sleep all day. But I noticed my closet door creak open. It wouldn't usually do that, as it was always firmly shut. I sat up, wondering if somebody was in there.
"Bubsey?" I shouted at the door. No answer. I decided it must of been the strong powers of the shadows. Nothing happened. A few hours later, I heard a growling noise. Then, out of the closet, came a small monster. 
"What're you doing sleeping in the penguin world?" The small monster asked.
"Uh, just taking a nap. Who are you?" I replied.
"I'm Scott Squishy Squibbles!" replied the monster with 5 eyes. "Let's get you back to your studies, buddy. What's your room number?"
"I don't have one!" I replied, confused.
"Don't worry, uh what's your name."
"Echo." I replied swiftly.
"Don't worry, Echo. Dr. Rufus Oozeman will find you a room! Now come with me, through the closet." I had no idea what was happening, but I just followed Scott through the closet. I gawped at the amount of monsters which were here. Quickly, I was ushered to my room and found myself sitting alone in a room which was meant for three monsters. Before long, to my surprise, Bubsey arrived! We spoke a few words to each other, but were interrupted when Pingy arrived in the room. I wondered why we were all here in this monster world...

My flippers were trembling. Ok, I was good at normal maths, but not monster maths and I certainly had no idea about scaring! Why didn't they just make the children laugh instead? The exam had started. I wanted to call Bubsey for help, but Professor Knight had split us up. For the first time, I realised I had ginger fur! I quickly pulled out my ID card Bubsey have me. I looked weird. I answered the first few questions with ease. But as the test continued, I didn't have a clue what the question even was! By the end of the exam, I was shattered and it seemed like Bubsey and Pingy were too.
"I found that really hard." I said to them.
"Actually, it was ok for me. I could do all the maths in it." replied Pingy.
We walked down the hall into the campus. We had collected lots of information about Monsters University and this was it so far....
Lunchtime was next and we were going to meet Aunt Arctic...But since there were 11 dining facilities, how would we find her in this massive university? In fact, how would we get back?

  • Private, Pan-educational, Residential, Independent
  • Built on 268 acres (210 acres acquired by land grant of 1310, 58 acres from private donation 1839)
  • Scaring, Engineering emphasis
  • Opened 1313
  • First graduating class 1314 (33 graduates)
  • 5 schools
  • 22 majors, 34 minors
  • 78 tenure-track faculty members
  • 6 Clayworth Scholars last year
  • Accredited by MNA Monster National Association of Schools and Colleges
  • 89,000 books in the MU Library
  • 16 computer labs
  • Enrollment: 12,389 undergraduate, 5,681 graduate
  • Demographics: 100% monstrosity students, 17% international
  • Alumni: 978,000 living alumni (39% live within 100 miles of Monstropolis)
  • Residential statistics: 84% of freshmen and 36% of undergraduates live on campus
  • 11 campus dining facilities
  • Athletics: member, MAC (Monsters Athletics Conference) since 1486
  • Athletics: 459 conference champions, 110 national titles
  • Greek life: 18% of students participate in Greek clubs
  • Buses run daily 6:15am - 11:45pm
  • 2 hours from downtown Monstropolis

Room 56. Midnight. Bubsey was snoring. Pingy was asleep. Only I was awake. It felt strange, being a monster. We had taken our lessons yesterday. We had figured out that we were in a different world. We had changed. Into monsters... I looked around, gloomily. Where was the penguin world? Full of snow, and ice? How would we get back? But on the other side of the coin, I loved being a monster. I pulled out my map of the campus.
It was huge! My favourite place to sit was by Troll Bridge, watching the boats go by on the river. Then I heard a sound. I immediatly knew someone was watching us. Quickly, using my monster like powers, I carried a shadow out through the room and into the hallway.
"OUCH!" said a monster. He knocked on the door.
I answered it. "Uh, excuse me, I think you have the wrong room." I said without looking up.
"Actually, I'm here to inform you that we can't get back through the dimensions, Echo!" said a puzzled Gary monster. "We're stuck here, until I can find out a way to get back. I'll be in the school of science if you need me. Don't worry - I have everything under contol."
That worried me. If Gary couldn't get us back, what would we do? Become monsters forever? I heard rustling sounds from outside. Gary was gone. I started to hear even more sounds, and I wondered if I had caught monster-fever. I was ill. I wondered to my bed and lay down, waiting for the sounds to stop and Bubsey and Pingy to comfort me. I couldn't stand travelling through the dimensions.
I woke up, feeling very cold. The window was open. I looked to my right. Pingy was gone. I turned around, and realised that Bubsey had gone too. I rolled over and glanced at my bedside clock. It was already 11:00! I was late for classes - I had forgotten that today was Monday, my first day of my new Martial Arts club. I had joined when I noticed a sign on the noticeboard (So that's why it's called a "notice"board!) which read.
Martial Arts ClubYou might be able to block two karate chops at a time, but what about facing current amateur champion Turner Dourton (MU junior), who has 8 fists of fury? All skill levels welcome to the MU Dojo. I was pretty good at Martial Arts back when I was a penguin, so I figured my skills, like my powers, would've passed onto my monster body. Quickly, I stormed out of my room, forgetting the fact that I was ever ill. When I got to the dojo, I was shown different moves and how to master them. To my surprise, I actually did well! And only then did I forget about being a penguin. That was when I loved being a monster. I was stronger, bigger and faster than the rest. I could achieve high in the monster world if I set my mind to it. So I decided to compete in the scare games...

I joined the OK team - I'd heard Pingy had too, and I was ready for the scare games. But that was a long way off yet. I still had to train, and learn much much more about these monsters. I decided to meet Pingy in the dining hall for lunch....

After wolfing down the garbage they served at the cafeteria, I found myself heading towards the school of engineering. I had signed up for this class because I wanted to be able to learn more about the topic - engineering was very important if you were to work at Monsters Inc. The class was taken by a strange sturdy monster with glasses. He said that to begin with our lessons, we would learn about the scream canisters where all the screams were collected. We noted the blueprints for one of the canisters and were asked how we could improve them. One hairy blue monster shouted out,
"Make 'em red instead of yellow!" Everybody laughed at that. 
"Think of the engineering in the topic not the colour! We're not in the school of arts." called the teacher from the front of the room, holding the canister. Eventually, we were asked to design and draw our own canister which we would begin to make next week. "If you're lucky, your canisters might end up in the Monsters Inc Factory!" said the teacher, excitedly. I didn't really want to be an engineer but I knew the training would help. I was going to be a scarer.

The next lesson, and the last lesson, was Science. I had specifically chosen this lesson so I could catch up with Gary. In the school of science, you were asked to learn from the masters and then make your own scientific thing. I hadn't a clue what I would make, but it was a great chance to talk to Gary.
"How's it going?" I whispered to Gary.
"Not very well." The blue monster replied. I studied his dreary eyes.
"You need some sleep Gary." I said, softly.
"Yes, you're right. Perfect timing! You can continue with this machine I'm making and it will contribute to your science lessons. I'm going to have a rest now, but I'll be back later. I followed the blueprints and tried to get the machine working, but it wouldn't. The teacher came over and examined me. I couldn't determine whether I had done well or bad. Gary arrived later, and I was relieved. Another long Monday. But I was looking forward to Tuesday - playing sports as a monster! I waddled up the stairs like I used to, as a penguin. I found room 56 and unlocked it. There, sat a beaming Bubsey Good and Pingywin. They were both in OK. But how did their Monday go? I hoped it was better than my Monday!
Tuesday. Seven o' clock in the morning. The alarm clock ran and me and Pingy jumped out of bed, ready for the big day ahead. My day was already planned out. I would go to the school of scaring with Bubsey, then go to another lesson, have lunch, and play football (rugby)

I started the day by having a warm shower. I hadn't actually noticed this, but I was huge! My hair had grown and I began to think that I'd need a razor! I glanced at my watch - 5 minutes until the lessons started! And I had to walk? I definitely needed a car, but I didn't have a job. Anyway, at the school of scared, I got scared. We were teamed up into small groups and me and Bubsey got separated. I was with an elite scarer who had been training for 5 years. He taught me lots and lots of tips and tricks I didn't already know! I told him I was running for the scare games with OK. He laughed.

Lunch was the same as ever. Garbage. But I seemed to like the taste of it - maybe I was turning into a real monster! I loved being a monster. I sat next to Bubsey and Pingy and told them about the scare games. I said it would be at the end of June when we completed them, and they wanted to do it too! But I hadn't told them the consequences if you loose...

The big football game was next. Pingy wasn't there yet. I was ready to play. Bubsey was cheering me on. I was terrible though. Only because there was this HUGE monster that took up a quarter of the pitch! I had to get past him with the ball, but I ended up bouncing into his squishy skin. I was injured, not too serious, but I wasn't allowed to play. Fear Tech were winning and MU was loosing! At last, Pingy arrived and took my place. We cheered him on and he got a touchdown! We won in the end, according to Bubsey. It was a great day and I'm looking forward to Wednesday. It's a whole day of learning about the scare games. We'll have to research it, and find out who has lost, and get some good tactics! Plus, we'll be scaring each other and practicing on a child provided by Monsters Inc. The child is in a door, which I think is their closet door! I hope I scare it well and Bubsey and Pingy too!
Wednesday. I was excited, but not when I found myself surrounded by CDA members in the School of Scaring. They said the scaring day had been cancelled, because the doors had been stolen and the children were missing.
"Scaring day is postponed until further notice, monsters. Keep your diary free, because as soon as we find the stolen equipment, we will put scaring day back on! In order to keep you entertained, you will be given a tour of the Monsters Inc!" said Professor Knight. That made me feel excited! It was much better to look around Monsters Inc than scare. To get there, we travelled on the bus which stopped at Monsters University every few minutes.
When we finally gazed our eyes upon the amazing sights inside the factory, we jumped up with joy. This was what it was like to be a real scarer. We saw door after door open and monsters running in, and then rewarding themselves once they had come out. Quite a few of them were old and rusty, but the containers filled up fast with energy. It seemed like a lot of these monsters would retire in the next ten years and the new well trained generation would step in. I was amazed at the doors though. Every different colour of door came, and I was so surprised how they managed to control all the doors, just by swiping a card! I couldn't wait to get to Monsters Inc, but that would only be if I learnt from the masters and won the scare games! We spent the rest of the day touring Monsters Inc, meeting other monsters, and looking at the training programmes we would be set if we ever joined.

Later that evening, as we ate our garbage tea from the "best cafeteria in the world", there was an announcment. They called out that the scare day would be scheduled for tommorow starting at eight o'clock in the morning! We were told to practice our scaring skills overnight and rember some techniques. The doors and robotic children weren't actually stolen - they were just locked up in the storage cupboard and they forgot to bring them out! Atleast we got a good trip out of it.

Later that night, at 10:00, I noticed Bubsey's puffle had came with him, somehow. Before bed, I read a few of the rules in my handbook...

Monsters University is proud of its diversity, with monsters from every background and nationality. By valuing the uniqueness of every individual monster, MU hopes to create an atmosphere of open-mindedness and understanding. Through awareness and acceptance, students can learn to build relationships based on mutual respect, clear communication, conflict avoidance, and positive affirmation. All monsters are unique -- by heritage, number of appendages, or simply number of eyes -- and all monsters deserve respect.

The Basic Monster Respect program creates a safe environment for personal growth and cultural education, where students can learn to judge each other by content of character, not color of fur. A place where more arms means more hugs not more fists, where all students put their heads together to solve problems whether they have two heads or just the one.
When students fail to reasonably mediate conflicts themselves, and resident advisors can no longer handle the situation, the University steps in to assist. All complaints, offenses, and crimes are heard by the MU disciplinary action committee, made up of a body of administrators and student peers. The committee meets weekly to hear cases and decide results.
Monsters University staffs an Office of Student Employment to help students in the process of finding opportunities to learn workplace skills, develop a career game plan, and begin to build a personal brand. Career assistance is available for students of all sizes, colors, creeds, and thicknesses.

Students interested in part-time jobs, internships, and career mentors are encouraged to take advantage of the offerings of the Office of Student Employment. No matter what the nature of the desired opportunity, (on-campus or off-campus, part-time or summer full-time, etc.), OSE can help connect students to alumni networks, community service opportunities, and companies in every industry.

Monsters University also makes available each year a number of positions for students to work for University departments in various roles and numerous fields. To be eligible, students must be full-time and able to pass a background screening. The Office of Student Employment is open to walk-ins Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monsters University housing is for the residential living of students only. All commercial activity is prohibited. No university property can be used to conduct business unless said privilege is expressly granted by the Office of Regulatory Affairs.
Academic excellence and chaos rarely live in harmony. In order to ensure every student a positive learning environment, excessive noise is strictly forbidden.

The university maintains a pro-quietude stance and typically resolves noise disputes in favor of the student requesting a silent study atmosphere. Noise can sometimes not be avoided (e.g., roaring, shrieking), but it should be the exception not the rule.

Quiet is a right. Do not violate your fellow students' rights.
Only officially assigned students may sleep overnight in Monsters University housing, unless registered with housing officials no less than 48 hours in advance of arriving. Guests are expected to obey all university rules and behave in a manner conducive to the comfort of surrounding student residents.

Stays are limited to 36 hours unless special written permission is obtained. Visitation is a privilege not a right. Students will be held accountable for the actions of their guests.
No pets are allowed on campus, with the exception of seeing-eye snakes.
I got worried about the last bit - no pets were allowed on campus, and if they had a room inspection, then Bubsey would be the one to blame for the furry white pet. I looked at my clock. 10 minutes past 10 o' clock. I should be asleep. If I didn't get enough sleep, then I wouldn't be ready for the big scaring day ahead, on Thursday...
Thursday. The Scaring Day was back on! I woke at about seven o' clock in the morning, brushed my teeth, ate my cereal and ran out of the dorm into the corridor. There was a strict rule about not running in the corridor but I wanted to be there early. Luckily, nobody caught me. I caught the bus from our dorm to the School of Scaring because my legs were aching. I had left Bubsey and Pingy behind, but they would arrive later. I kept thinking of all the rules you had to obey. Close the closest door. Watch out for sharp objects. Scare the child, but don't let anything from the human world touch you. I was beginning to forget about the penguin life! The bus stopped and I slowly walked across the path and up to the School of Scaring. There were lots of monsters there already. In fact, it had already started because of the fact that the school couldn't hold so many monsters in one room at a time! I watched as the containers filled up with fake screams - it was all fake. They couldn't use the stuff at Monsters Inc because it was too dangerous but I was glad that they found the equipment. 10 doors, 10 queues. I joined the back of the queue of a bright blue door. I hoped I would scare a boy robot. But girl's screams were always the best. Pingy and Bubsey entered and they chose their door. I was already second in the queue! Time had gone so fast and I needed time to think. But before I knew it, the monster before me laughed and watched his container fill to the top. I was worried now. What if the child didn't scream? What if I forgot the rules? But I had to go in. So I did...

It was quiet and eerie inside. I creaked open the closet door and shut it tightly. It reminded me of the penguin world. But I was a monster now - ready to scare. There were drawings on the walls, most likely put there to fool the monsters. The drawings were by the robot kid. They showed monsters scaring him, he was hiding in one of them. He even had a photograph of a monster! That put me off, but I knew it was only fake. I hadn't actually looked at the child. That's when I realised there was no child. The child was gone. I looked around, scared for the first time in my life. Was this a trick? I rushed over to the closet door and pulled it open. All that was in there was clothes. A chill was sent down my spine. It was dark in here and there were loads of creepy paintings and artwork. I wanted to become a penguin again: but I couldn't. 

After a few more minutes, two penguins from the CDA arrived after finding that the door was sealed and a monster was trapped in there. They noted the fact that the scream container was empty. But they broke the door down and they entered the closet, which was now no longer full of clothes. I was crouching down, looking for a way out.
"Uh, we're very sorry about this, Echo," he said, reading my name tag. "There was a malfunction with your door. We hope you understand but you can join the front of the queue next to yours. We'll find the robot kid - don't worry - he's only a robot."
I quickly joined the front of the queue of the next door. I entered swiftly, and held the door open until I was certain there was a child in the room. I wouldn't get distracted ever again. I got into position, knelt over the bed, and gave my hugest roar and made the scariest face. The child jumped up and screamed loudly, before falling back into bed. I rushed outside and checked the scream container! I had done it - I had filled the container.

That took about half the day up - as well as the scaring lessons. I had more lessons later that day, but I won't go into detail about them. But as I walked back to our dorm with Pingy and Bubsey, chatting about how our day went, we heard a loud noise. I knew it would instantly get reported - there was a no noise rule, but it seemed to be coming from our dorm. That's two rules broken - it turns out that Pingy's fur is made up of puffles! I heard the room inspection were coming today, and I quickly warned Pingy and Bubsey. We entered and started to dance. We were distracted and when I finally looked at my watch, an hour had past. The room inspection arrived at 8 o clock, and sometimes she was early! There were monsters of all different sizes, on the beds, in the bath tub, even in the sink! It was crammed and Bubsey immediatly shouted for everyone to get out. I wondered how they got in! They took the disco ball, the guitars and left me, Bubsey and Pingy alone in what felt like a deserted room. 
"Quick! Let's tidy everything up and put your puffles away, Pingy!" I said.
"Don't worry - they'll go back in." Pingy replied. We heard a knock on the door. A voice called room inspection. A large monster woman entered and looked around our dorm.
"Well done - wait what's that hanging off your body?" asked the woman.
"Uh, they're like seeing-eye snakes but on my body!" said Pingy thinking of an answer.
"Very well. You have completed the dorm inspection. Now, have you heard large amounts of noise, because I've got lots of complaints.
"No," we all lied. She left. I hopped into bed and we switched the lights off. Tomorrow was Friday, then it was the weekend. There was a field-trip to the Monster Museum in Monstropolis on Saturday. I was going but I hadn't yet asked Bubsey or Pingy. I was looking forward to tomorrow - we had the School of Aquatics and we were swimming and using a boat on Troll Bridge! Plus, more lessons. Nothing much else is happening tomorrow...


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