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Echo's Island Adventure

While I was away, me and my friends made a story of myself going to a different island, and them helping me out! Here's the story, so far (Yes, it's not finished yet!)
There was one time when Echo was boarding a plane... He was suddenly teleported to an island!!!
If you are reading this, then help me. I'm trapped far far away on an unknown island, nowhere near Club Penguin. Here, it is snowing and I am beginning to get colder and colder. I will inform you of what is happening to me each day by these messages! I hope you can come to rescue me - can you find a map of the islands around CP? Thanks, and wish me luck! There's no food to eat and I think I'll be forced to drink sea water :( I don't yet know if there are other penguins here, but I will soon search this island and give you more details! The connection is bad! Thanks friends :)
Cherry: Echo, I came to find you this place has a beautiful landscape.
I have brought my adventurous puffle Tomato. We set up a campfire for the night but we have not opened the tent yet... ...The connect/.332981''+connection,.........../ihudiheiwhed/ is bad. Is that a storm I can see! I need to opEn the teNt! Get in Tomato! Cu!e co77ee : H3y C3rryy im on the isl#nd to and ! 70und Tomato on the b3ach And he s3ems so unhappy and he also made a s!gn mad3 of burnt wood that said ''C3rryy help me'' and made a sign in the sand that said S.O.S But i seEm to have found that T0ma!o is on low health and v3rry L0w sleep and also T0ma!to looks like his fer has b33n fzzed up in a T0rnado 0r s0mtingg And i s33m to have sshaaam3fully bad spy ph0ne serv!s and im br333kknnnnng UP 
P.s I N33D T0 tElL  you somthing ,4857654976 %4643*9^5#$**(8575531#2456&%#*(*%$Ebussf Pingywin8: This is sure an unusual island.Its hard to find shelter in this storm.10101010101010101001010101010101 I talked to Sam my computer.I found a little old cottage which has a dish satellite.Just a few miles far.Hey wait a second is that ECH006?YES%#$*(^%$%^%$#####)&*^*****$> Bubsey Good: BZZZKK Good! Now that I've got a signal I know Echo will know I'm coming! This bad signal is making my pictures Black and White...
We've brought a whole bag of supplies for Echo to use. Yes PJ, we can eat when we get there. Now that the sun is back I have better connection- I just found Tomato on the ground he has mud all over him! Tomato pointed out to me that Coffee helped him. We saw Coffee walking away in the distince, before we went to catch up on him I gave Tomato an apple so he wouldn't starve- but I think I might, help us if you can.. :( Bubsey Good: I told Cherry that Pj had went looking for tomato, so now PJ was lost. We looked up at the sky. The moon was out. I yelled PJ's name, but no reply. Cherry helped too. Cute coffee : Hey cherryy ,i was walking away because i found some monkeys that had water all over there hands and mouths so i told Tomato to stay in the safe-house we built together and i went to follow the monkeys then i looked back to wave to tomato and someone had starting destroying our hut and tomato got covered in mud and i tried to get back to Tomato but he was gone and running to someone is the distance so i tried to run but then a giant wind started blowing me back and i fell into a pond that had a poor little puffle on a lilly-pad so  i quickly said hello greeted it told it what happend and we beame great friends and set off to find Tomato and the person in the distance but we couldnt find them so me and my puffle set up a tree house and slept there for the night. Also from what im hearing that person in the distance was you but i dont think it was you that would have rampaged my hut espesally when Tomato had a sign out front that said ''Cherryy its me your little Tomato'' so i think we have some company of this island (besides counting echo and bubsy and anyone else that came to save echo) So me and my puffle are setting off in the morning to find Cherryy and Tomato And my puffle also has a little crab friend (good thing i know how to speak crab) Cherry:
Hey guys- my connect will start getting bad soon because it's 11:00pm,  that penguin i saw in the distince WAS NOT Coffee! Coffee IS right, we do have company!! I was talking to Bubsey when all of a sudden, in the corner of my eye I saw the penguin running away! He had tomato too!!! :( I started to run but he was just to fast. "Tomato!!!" I screamed with tears in my eyes, Bubsey stared -- "He's got-got- PJ!!" He yelled!

UPDATE: He stole Coffee's puffle too! AND all his food! Let's find this penguin but it could be dangerous... Cute coffee : Cherryy i just found the guy that took tomato and my puffle and i tried to chase him but he jumped off the ledge and into a stream that lead to a cave and that a lit fire in it and he also dropped a cup of my soup by mistake an da note was on it and it said ''Squeaky Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeakers Squeak Sqwoo Sqwee Squeak" Translated to penguin : Coffee theres someone trying to get in my hut and i dont have much time left so eat this whilst its warm please try to find me if you see this note -Your puffle. So i had the soup and my vision went all weird and fuzzy so now i think its a set-up but what i want to know is how he knew my name and i have run out of glass so i cant make myself some glasses so if you have any glass can you please make me some glasees and pass them on to me and if you are wondering how i wrote tihs with fuzzy vision ,my crab knows how to type from watching me do it (hes REALLY fast at learning) So i told him in crab what to write and he wrote it for me - Coffee/crab 
Echo: THE SIGNAL IS REALLY BAD HERE! I should be able to contact you one more time in the week before my battery dies! So here it goes...

I was with Pingywin and we heard noises. There was a huge storm and a hero came and in all of it, pingywin disappeared. I was on my own, or so I thought. I was wrong. I heard Bubsey's voice in the distance as well as Cherry's and Coffee's. I hope you're here wth me. Thanks for tracking me down. But we have company. I don't know who tips penguin is but he has lots of water and food and is keeping me fed well. But e is evil. I'm trapped in a cage in a cave with other puffles he has stolen! The weather is really bad and I hope you can track te signal from my spy phone to find me and help me! I need to get back to the CP by Sunday, so if you can keep me updated and try and rescue me by Friday night! We're going to need something like a boat to get us back because there is no fuel for jetpack a and the spy phones have no signal so that means no teleporting. I'm counting on you friends. Find me. Track me down. Together, take down this evil penguin. Take the puffles and me. Don't get hurt. Make a boat and sail back to Club Penguin by Saturday night. Hopefully then, we will be safe. 
Let's all assemble and take this villain down! You have your orders. The next time I can contact you is on Thursday! I hope you've earnt your snow gem Cos theres a snow storm starting now-----ERROR 3820472 CONNECTION LOST PLEASE TRY AGAIN ON THURSDAY Bubsey Good: I tracked Echo's Spy Phone and was able to find him. Sadly, Protobot saw me coming and laid a trap. Protobot is behind all of this! Cherry: ECHO! BUBSEY, P.J! :) I found you!! *Frees from cages**
Let's get out of this place! Wait who's that robot infront of us?? Uh- where do we g-
BZZZZK CONNECTION LOST ERROR124  Pingywin8:I concentrated my power on protobot. Wow I accessed his  huge computer.10101010101 I have to try hack probot.Wow I hacked into him.*Opens cages* through mind.*Disables Protobot's wheel. * PJ and Bubsey jump down and smash Protobot. Echo: Cherry walked straight into the trap! But Pingywin has saved us, or so we thought! It turns out Protobot isn't the one who's messing with us! Robots are controlled by penguins, or polar bears! And crabs too! We have a minute to get out of the self destructing cave, but Herbert and Kluzty won't let us get away with it! Quick thinking: Errr, no signal? Errr, no teleport? Err, no other penguins to rescue us? WE'RE DOOMED! But we weren't. A sound came from above and the ceiling of the cave cracked open. Only ten seconds left. How would we all make it out alive?
                                                          TO BE CONTINUED...

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