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Avalanche Hits Dojo

After the blizzards last week, the dojo has been hit by an avalanche! Just like when the Dojo was first dug out, there are masses of snow around the courtyard and the hideout. Sensei has been interviewed, and more answers will be in our weekly news update soon. For now, the dojo courtyard is full of snow, and citizens have been advised not to stand on the snow!
 ...If you enter the ninja hideout, more snow has fallen, and if any more comes, the snow will fill up the hideout! Be careful, the snow dojo may arrive soon...
At the Dojo, Sensei has begun construction, but for what? Will the Snow element be here? What's happening? The card-jitsu mats have been moved slightly. 
 Ninjas, report back on May 23rd - make sure you are a fire ninja and a water ninja though ;)

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