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Coins For Change Results

Since Club Penguin were so stupid, we didn't find out how much money we donated as the total board broke down. Last year, we donated 10 billion, so why make the total board less than that? Because they wanted to make it a surprise! So here you go, we donated 13.5 billion. I hardly donated any though. 100 coins for a pin and 1000 coins for a few cookies. I stopped donating after the total board broke because I wanted to know if I really was making a difference, 1100 coins wouldn't of done anything. But if we all donated together, just by donating a small bit, we can help save the world.
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...Lets see. Usually, penguins would get 12 coins in a sled race. I had about 100 sled races. Wigs usually cost around 400 coins. I bought about 3 wigs in total. Usually, surfers earn 238 coins. I had about 4 or 5 surf lessons. Usually, dancers will earn 80 coins. I had about 13 dance lessons. But even that tiny donation, made a big difference to the world. If Club Penguin hadn't of done the cookie sale, then we wouldn't of donated as much. So, by a simple thing like that, you have helped millions of people and animals.

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