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Club Penguin Puffles 14cm With Hats

I've recently noticed three puffles with awesome hats! Blue puffles are known to be friendly, and this Club Penguin soft toy makes a bright companion. Wearing a colourful baseball cap, it also features a bean bag body, embroidery details and a code coin to unlock items online

Yellow puffles are the most artistic of all Club Penguin pets. This soft toy makes a creative gift thanks to its fleecy polyester, cuddly bean bag body and embroidered details, plus a code coin to unlock items online.

This red puffle is very adventerouse ~ but also very cautious when playing football hence the helmet :)

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  1. Hey Echo006! The puffle toys with hats look AWESOME! Since the holidays are here in New Zealand for primary schools, Farmers (A New Zealand store) are having a TOY SALE! Again like before, they made a HUGE sale for CP toys! 3 Plush Puffles for $20 (Regular price is $14.99 - $15) 4 Puffle Clip-Ons for $10 (Regular price is $6.99 each - $7) I asked my mum if I could add more 14cm puffles to my 14cm collection (Since my Puffle Clip-Ons collection are too many/a lot!) and she said "Yes". I went to the Toy section of the store, and I found the 14cm puffles! my surprise...I found the puffles I ALWAYS waited for! Some puffles with hats! (I already have a blue puffle with a pharaoh hat and a orange puffle with a fraken hat and other 14cm puffles at home) I chose the purple puffle with that disco helmet, and the white puffle with that candy-cane-a-like hat. When I got home, I didn't want to use the codes right now, because there's not much things I like in the treasure book now.


    There might be some errors...but this comment is true! And too long...:(


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